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How Amateur Porn is on the rise

The rise of pornography in general, can be accredited to several factors. The internet, proliferation of mobile devices and social media, are key reasons. All of them have combined to make porn, an omnipresent element. Although there are countless of genres to pick from, one in particular has been spiking substantially. Amateur porn is presently one of the most popular categories in adult content.

In the same way that technology and social media have helped make adult content ubiquitous, they have done the same for homemade porn. These days, people are able to record themselves having sex at the touch of a button. Using Smartphones, tablets, webcams and other devices, anyone can become a porn star. At least in the sense that their homemade porno film will appear online.

Perhaps that element plays a key role in why there is so much non-professional pornography found today. As humans, we tend to follow in the footsteps of others. Finding and seeing hundreds of thousands of amateur porn videos, is easier than ever. Endless adult sites carry these types of homemade porn content. It all has to do with porn itself being so prevalent.

The days of people being afraid of the ostracization which came with porn are long gone. In the past, anyone who was somehow connected to adult content, was deemed a deviant. Worse, some may have been labeled as perverts or other names. Yet in a matter of years, viewing porn became acceptable. At least much more than in the past. Fast forward to today and now you have social media in the mix. It helped spawn an entire new generation of people unafraid to share their private matters.

Individuals are all too willing to tell others – even strangers – about their personal life. Without hesitation, they post personal statuses, images and videos. While most was normal, some was sexually explicit in nature. Celebrities added to this reshaping of attitudes about adult content too. Many of them posted their own private sex tapes online. In other instances, someone close to them leaked the personal homemade porn movies. You also had paparazzi or hackers doing it.

Irrespective of how, it resulted in controversy and great media attention. More importantly though, most of the celebrity sex tapes made the participants famous. At least much more than they ever were before. It is safe to assume that many individuals out there saw this as their opportunity to shine. They figured perhaps their own amateur porno movie could make them famous. A lot of these individuals wanted and want to be porn stars.

Those that felt this way, did something in return. By uploading their private homemade porn videos online, they paved the way for others. As stated earlier, people tend to follow the crowd and copy others. Once they saw others posting and sharing their amateur porno, they too wanted to get in on the act. Anyone who felt they had a special talent as far as sex was concerned, also felt compelled to show off. For exhibitionists, it was a dream come true. These people always wanted a platform on which to show themselves off; especially when it came to sex acts.

Their personal homemade porn videos, allowed them to do that. The adult sites to which they upload them, gives them the platform. It culminated in a perfect storm which we see today. Now, anyone who wants others to see them having sex, can do so. All they have to do is record their amateur porn video and upload it online. In an instant, any regular person can become an amateur porn star. A great deal of these porno movies, end up getting more than a million views in just a few days. While the participants may not necessarily become actual pornstars, they get enough attention.

Another cause of the rise in homemade porn videos found online, is revenge. Revenge porn plays a major role in the high amount of amateur adult content available. Individuals in relationships, tend to record each other having sex. Most couples agree that these private sex movies, are for their eyes only. However, when the individuals break-up, that all changes. More so if the break up happens due to infidelity. Or if it’s ends up being under strained or other negative circumstances. Regardless of how, the person holding the homemade amateur porn, shares it online. Before long, the private porno movie is public and seen by millions.

There are those who post their private sex movies on the web for monetary purposes. Some can make hundreds of dollars a month if their porn video becomes popular. Especially for the participants who become internet sensations and have a large following. You also have the fact that people love to see non-professionals engaged in sex. Unlike real porn stars who are paid to have intercourse on camera, amateurs do it for fun. In an age of reality TV being so popular, this plays right into that scenario.

Overall, there are numerous grounds as to why there is so much amateur porn so easily available online today. Homemade videos, has made the once taboo topic of porn, as acceptable as apple pie!

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