5 Sex Positions That Could Remove Your Stress

Unfortunately, we are all dealing with multitudes of stressors every day. Thy don’t just interfere with our social life, but as well as with our sexual pleasure.  Don’t let your high utility, work issues and other problems take a roll …

5 Ways To Increase Semen Volume

Semen, a certain type of fluid loaded with sugars and proteins, lets the sperm thrive in the vagina. Moreover, it also provides the energy travel the path leading to the egg. Studies found out that the average volume of fluid released by a man in a single ejaculation is roughly one teaspoon.

However, aging and other factors affect semen production and motility. To help you improve your semen volume, consider these 5 effective ways:

#1 Try pelvic exercises.

Are you aiming to increase your load? Then, why not try pelvic exercises? If you weren’t aware, your pelvic floor accommodates pubococcygeal muscles, a group of muscle that lets your crotch to shoot. Doing pelvic exercises regularly will make these muscles stronger, giving you a more unforgettable orgasm.

How to do this? First, lie down on the floor flatly. Bend your knees. After that, raise your pelvic region as far as you can to feel the contraction. Then, stay in that position for a couple of moment and then go back to your original position. Repeat the procedure as much as you can.

#2 Say no to sperm supplements.

Sperm supplements are a big no-no if you’d want to boost your virility. It has been proved that only a few science-backed evidences that support claims presented by the vendor selling these supplements. Chances are, you’ll just go home without seeing good results or progress.

#3 Avoid alcoholic drinks.

Water plays an important role in increasing your loads. There’s no denying fact that our body composes nearly 60% water. So, it comes to no surprise that drinking lots of water can make you a healthy man.

The same theory applies with semen production. The more hydrated you are, the better for your swimmers.

#4 Treat cigarettes or vapes as your enemy.

Smoking can significantly affect male fertility as well. Experts discovered that tobacco modify man’s hormone level. Not only that, it also makes the released semen toxic.

As a matter of fact, a research performed in Germany, the sperm from 53 non-smokers and 53 heavy smokers were assessed. In a nutshell, the research examined the effects of smoking on certain proteins known as protamines in the male reproductive system.

Furthermore, the study proved that P2 protein’s concentration reduces to over 14% in sperm of men. Meaning to say, cigarette smoking may possibly result to infertility.

So, better quit smoking now!

#5 Unwind, unwind, unwind!

The fact is, stress can impair men’s fertility and lessen sexual satisfaction. Experts revealed that the hormone cortisol can be one of the reasons how and why this happened. In fact, exposure to stress increase cortisol level that affects testosterone negatively.  The higher the cortisol is, the lower your testosterone will be.

Although severed anxiety can be treated usually with the right set of modification, you can keep away from milder form of stress through performing relaxation techniques. Fret not because you don’t need to spend a huge amount of money.  You may simply take a walk in the park, hang out with friends, exercise or meditate.


Low semen production can’t just impact the quality of your life but as well as your happiness.  Therefore, if you’re one these individuals who experience the same sexual issue, it’s advisable to concentrate first in improving your overall wellbeing.


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